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Charles Xue

"I've spent half a lifetime mastering the art of cooking seriously."

Looking back on my journey to becoming a chef, my mother was the guide. Her cooking artistry is forever imprinted in my heart, and scenes of joy and satisfaction from family gatherings over her cuisine are deeply engraved in my mind. Later, I began assisting my mother in cooking and discovered my talent in the culinary arts, thus embarking on the path of a professional chef.


For me, being a chef is more than just a profession. I firmly believe that delicious food has the power to change moods, and food serves as a carrier of culture, embodying the essence and unique charm of regional cultures. This is one of the reasons why I chose Western cuisine as a starting point for my career, where I hope to understand Western culture through food. Years of experience have allowed me to deeply understand the characteristics, ingredient selection, and combinations of both Eastern and Western culinary cultures, and more importantly, to appreciate the influence of different cultures on cooking.


I hold myself to high standards, as every chef should. I demand strict quality control over products, which is an extension of the self-discipline of my own. In the kitchen, every step must be followed meticulously, and every detail is crucial. Precision and consciency are my attitudes in the kitchen, as well as towards work. At the same time, I am well aware of the necessity of teamwork and cooperation in the kitchen, which distinguishes Eastern and Western kitchen cultures. One chef typically handles everything in traditional Chinese kitchens, while teamwork is vital in Western kitchens.

Today, I want to promote Chinese cuisine. Compared to all-you-can-eat Chinese restaurants, lean more towards traditional culinary culture, as only through this can culture be truly inherited and promoted. The culinary industry, like many artisanal industries, is gradually being overlooked or even replaced, this leads to the loss and alteration of craftsmanship, skills, flavors, and tastes of the food. However, I aspire to find a balance between tradition and modernity through my efforts, preserving the purity and tradition of Chinese traditional cooking to the fullest extent possible.


Whenever my food is appreciated by guests, a sense of pride as a chef arises within me. This is where my confidence in promoting Chinese culinary culture lies, and it is also the meaning of being a chef. Because this is also the advice and teachings of my mentor or you can call master.


This is my expectation for myself and my mission.

Yanan Li

"Behind my success lies an indispensable force: which is my team.”

I am a dynamic, passionate, and hospitable individual, those characteristics that define my personality. When I first came to Finland to study, I was eager to immerse myself in this new culture. However, initially, I experienced the differences in culture, the Finns' shyness and reserve left a profound impression on me. Yet, I have always wondered how to break through this “shy” atmosphere, and I discovered the culture of Chinese cuisine. The impact and appreciation of traditional Chinese culinary culture by Finns were similar to the joy I felt when experiencing an authentic Finnish sauna for the first time.

“Good food is good mood” give a summary of my understanding of food, just as Master Xu said, delicious food brings happiness. This belief strengthens my conviction that through food and culture, we can build our brand and team. We aim to provide a platform where everyone can realize their self-value.


In Chinese culture, we emphasize that “many hands make light work,” while in Western culture, we prioritize collaboration. This is the most crucial aspect of my business philosophy: “people.” How to ensure the efficient operation of the team, leverage each person's strengths, and implant a sense of pride in the team are vital.

Rooted in a people-orientated approach, we aim for everyone to be a master. Within the team, mutual recognition and appreciation of shared values is vital and is how we become a solid team. So I incorporate that into my management philosophy. Therefore, I blend this into my management philosophy.


I have always believed that what we create is not just a product, but also an ideology, a culture. Successfully conveying this ideology and culture to customers requires them to feel the core values of our brand through various means such as product quality, service details, and even marketing strategy planning.


However, many ignore an important fact: “A brand's employees are its best advertisement because they represent an understanding of the brand's culture and ideology”. Therefore, I place great importance on team building.


To me, a happy employee is the company's best marketing advertisement."



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Etu-Töölön Noodle Masterista saa käsin tehtyjä nuudeleita ja päälle vielä show’n

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